Krakow announces record-breaking 2018 budget

The proposed budget includes 69.5 million PLN for 14 new bicycle paths
The proposed budget includes 69.5 million PLN for 14 new bicycle paths

Krakow President Jacek Majchrowski has announced a draft of the 2018 city budget, Onet reports.

The details are still subject to change, but at present it proposes a record-breaking 5.6 billion PLN in expenditures, most of which will be spent on existing projects and further investment in the city.

Among the planned spending:

  • Over a billion on education, much of which includes teacher salaries and modernizing facilities
  • 150 million to repay past loans and redeem bonds
  • 131 million for roadworks
  • 130 million for urban green space – another record – which includes 51.5 million for parks.
  • 90 million on fighting smog, part of which is exchanging old furnaces which pollute excessively
  • 69.5 million for 14 new bicycle paths. This has been supported by past citywide referenda and are viewed by the city as a way to reduce smog- and headache-producing traffic congestion in the city center
  • 51 million for sports facilities
  • 35.7 million for car parks

This budget’s deficit would be 288.5 million PLN and include 130 million in borrowing and 300 million in new bonds issued.

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