Scarves by the Metre

Here’s a fresh concept: why buy a whole piece of art when you can pay for it by the metre? That’s one of the ideas behind the “Szalik na metry/Scarf Bought per Metre” exhibit at the Delikatesy (Delicatessen) gallery.

The piece was originally designed by Monika Drożyńska for the Available Art 4 Exhibition in Vienna‘s Museumsquatier in 2007. Drożyńska, a Cracovian artist, is a designer and fashion designer who also experiments in performance art. She’s also the owner of the hip Punkt fashion shop, a place renowned in Krakow for its original offerings.

All 135 metres are now at the Delikatesy gallery at ul. Sarego 20/1, and can be purchased for 40 złoty per metre. All together, the scarf could embrace about one hundred people. For more information, visit their website.

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