Spain’s renowned gay activist and deputy Pedro Zerolo condemns Poland, wants expelled from EU

Pedro Zerolo, Socialist Party deputy (Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol — PSOE) and the head of the Spanish chapter of the Federation of Gays, Lesbians and Transsexuals, has condemned Poland for educational policies which persecute homosexuals in schools.
He evoked a diplomatic scandal in Polish-Spanish relations after calling for Poland?s expulsion from the EU, if the country passes legislation banning pro-homosexual materials in public schools, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported.
The socialist activist has designated Poland as the closest field of battle for the homosexual movement. Zerolo has encouraged Madrid?s gays, lesbians and transsexuals to go and participate in demonstrations in Warsaw on July 7.
?The EU is not just a bank, where you go for funding. If there is no respect for civil and republican values, there is the door!? said Pedro Zerolo, concluding his speech for the removal of Poland from the EU.
According to Zerolo ?civil and republican values? are realized by the socialist government of Spain, which has legalized same-sex marriage, homosexual adoptions and the granting of inheritance rights.
The Polish Embassy in Madrid received over a hundred letters and tens of phone calls from Spanish citizens, who do not agree with Zerolo?s opinion, stated Embassy Press Attache, Monika Domanska.
?Poland is a state ruled by law, where nobody is discriminated against. However, it does not mean that the government is obliged to promote certain positions,? said Grazyna Bernatowicz, Ambassador of Poland in Madrid.
Bernatowicz was very surprised by the idea of Poland being ejected from the EU.
?On which legal grounds does Pedro Zerolo base his demand?? Bernatowicz asked. ?From the start, the EU has been treated as a political venture by Poland, not just as a bank for obtaining funds.? ?Spain has used the most EU funding.?
One comment found on the Internet regarding Pedro Zerolo?s statement expresses the opinion of many Poles: ?If the EU continues to be inundated with gay agenda activists, they won?t have to ask Poland to leave.?

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