Guinness World Record Broken by Krakow Student

It seems that Poland is attracting ambitious record-breakers from abroad lately. First, there was the California man who played the world’s longest concert in Radomsko. And now, a student from Zimbabwe has broken the record for the world’s longest lecture right here in Krakow.

Jagiellonian University student Erol Muzawazi broke the Guinness world record for the longest lecture, after speaking for almost 130 hours. Lecturing for nearly five and a half days, Muzawazi had begun on Wednesday and finished yesterday afternoon. The student primarily focused on the topic of democracy in Africa, as in addition to breaking the previous record, he also wanted to highlight the problems facing the region. At the same time, he was collecting donations for a study trip to Africa. Over 50 students helped him, as the rules specified that he was to have two people in the lecture hall at all times, and he was only allowed one five-minute break every hour.

This was Muzawazi’s fourth attempt at the record, as his previous one had been broken by an Indian professor who lectured for 120 hours.

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