Love Life: December 2009

Dear Dr. Ovlowska,

I’m been with my boyfriend for a few months now, but he’s going back to England soon and I don’t know what will happen. How do I show him that I want to stay with him?


Distressed in Krakow

Dear distressed in Krakow,

Don’t despair! Separation works wonders – especially with men. Think of your last days together as a wonderful gift. Let this be an invitation to live out your wildest dreams with him.

Of course you want to stay with him, but that is not the point – HE needs to know that HE wants to stay with YOU – and now is your chance to show him what a sensational woman he has encountered.

Make it unforgettable. Not just for him, but for yourself too. Let there be no taboo. I am not suggesting gyrating Lady Gaga stunts, wearing leotards in a golden cage (although, why not?), I am simply suggesting you adore him. Cheerfully, with a light heart and no heavy words.

The message will come across. Men are not rational beings (in spite of what they tell you), but they do recognize a happy woman when they see one. And it’s the best thing they know. You will be irresistible.

The man you want in your life cannot be manipulated, but you can do a lot to orchestrate your own happiness. Plan his absence to be full of delicious moments. Go to interesting lectures, attend a concert with friends, enroll on a lap-dance course or get fit for the skiing season.

Don’t tell him how SAD you are he is leaving, but how GLAD you are that you will soon meet again.

Oh, he didn’t say anything about meeting again?! …But, you did. Cheerful, lighthearted, without a shadow of a doubt and he, very soon, will think it was his idea to fly to Krakow again, very soon indeed.

Good luck kochanie, life can be such fun, if you treat it like a game…


Dr. Ovlowska

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