Christmas Market Opens in Krakow

Undoubtedly the highlight of the holidays for many Krakow residents and visitors to the city is the famous Christmas Market. A yearly tradition, the market includes not only a cornucopia of gift ideas for Christmas – ranging from handmade arts and crafts to cards to original clothing and decorations – but plenty of delights for the tastebuds as well.

From traditional candy and roasted nuts to freshly grilled kiełbasa and pierogi, there is much in the way of Polish delicacies to sample at the market. A favourite is oscypek – smoked cheese made of sheep milk and a staple in the Tatra Mountains. This cheese can be bought hot off the grill or cold to take home. And of course there’s wino grzane – mulled wine that can be bought by the cup at the market, which makes the winter days seem that much warmer.

The market opened 27 November and will remain until 27 December.

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