Stańczak Murderer Speaks Out

Piotr Stańczak, a Polish engineer working for Geofizyka Krakow Limited, was killed in February of this year in Pakistan after being kidnapped by the Taliban last September. Until this month, all that was known about the circumstances of his kidnapping and death came from a released Taliban hostage and several members of the Taliban in detention. Now, one member of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the killing.

The man is named Atta Ullah Khan, according to the Daily Times, an English-language newspaper for the region. He is reported to be a close aid of the Tehrik-el-Taliban commander. He was part of the group that kidnapped and killed the engineer when their demand for the release of militants was not met. Atta Ullah Khan was ordered by the group’s commander to kill the Pole, who assured him that the act would earn them money and secure the release of their colleagues. The man also admitted to being involved with dozens of terror attacks and abductions.

In July, he was one of five men suspected of being involved with Stańczak’s kidnapping and death to be arrested, along with former parliamentarian Shah Abdul Aziz.

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