World Usability Day in Krakow

After stopping in Szczecin, Warsaw, and Wrocław, the World Usability Day Tour de Pologne ’09 has landed in Krakow for its final leg of the journey.

But what exactly is the World Usability Day? According to their website, it is “about making our world work better”. Founded in 2005 by the Usability Professionals’ Association, the initiative aims to make all aspects of technology easy and user-friendly, to put the end users – people – first when thinking about design and function. Every year, the second Thursday of November (12 November this year) is designated as World Usability Day, and 43 countries around the world host various events that raise awareness on the subject.

In Krakow, these events will take place in the Krakow Institute of Technology (ul. Warszawska 24), beginning with a lecture at 3 pm introducing the subject of usability, and followed by several lectures on various aspects of usability, such as beauty of form, the evolution of interfaces, and the Internet. A full schedule is available here. All lectures are in Polish, and entrance is free.

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