What is Ethnodesign?

What exactly is ethnodesign? That’s just what the Ethnodesign Festival aims to answer through its three exhibitions and accompanying events.

The festival will present modern applied art, furniture, and crafts, with a focus on how artists look back to tradition and incorporate their cultural roots in creative ways. The objects on display come not only from Poland, but from around Europe, with a focus on Scandinavia.

Kicking off tonight are two of the exhibitions: “Point of Reference”, which begins at 6 pm in Kawiarnia Noworolski
in the Sukiennice, and the main exhibition, at the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, at 8 pm. In addition, an accompanying exhibition titled “Natural Resources in Polish Design”, visiting from the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola, will open in the museum building at ul. Krakowska 46. All of the exhibitions will be on display until 22 November.

For more information, visit etnodizajn.pl.

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