Business Polish

Q: There are classes in business English, but if there was a class in business Polish, what words or concepts would you learn there?

A: Each business language course is unique due to the expectations of the students that attend them, however I must say that you can’t expect to introduce business phrases at the basic level (A). Specific business phrases can be introduced at the intermediate level (B), provided the necessary grammar is satisfactorily mastered. Then comes the fun: nouns, verbs and phrases connected with settlements, contracts and operating a firm, such as “popyt” and “podaż” (demand and supply), “zarządzać” (to manage a firm) and so on. The course should prepare you to be ready to communicate about your company and business with your clients in speaking and writing. Added to it will no doubt be some vocabulary connected with the branch you’re working in, e.g. outsourcing, IT or specific technologies. A good business Polish course should also include more than an overview of Polish savoir vivre, both verbal and non-verbal, especially to sensitize you against possibly offensive behaviour.

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