Jerzy Beres: Exhibition of unconventional renowned artist and photographer on display at Bunkier Sztuki

Bunkier Sztuki presents works of one of the most unconventional Polish artists and a true symbol of artistic rebellion and constant quest. This living legend of Polish sculpture knows how to arouse interest like no one else. It does not matter whether this thin and naked man with grey hair is going to be painting his body for a couple of hours, or pouring vodka into shot glasses. He will arouse interest anyway. This is probably the reason why Beres has been taking a distinguished place in the pantheon of Polish art for many years now.
A sculptor, actionist and controversial legend of contemporary Polish art, he always makes use of nudity in his performances. This nudity constitutes an important element of his artistic output, as it guarantees and symbolizes the openness of expression. The subject matter of the artist?s critical comments on reality is concerned with various social, ethic and sometimes also political issues.
Jerzy Beres? exhibition presents his artistic achievements which he started to create towards the end of the 1960s when he strived to develop his own vision of sculpture and broadening its influence. The exhibit includes photographic documentary (more than 150 photos) and video recordings form numerous Jerzy Beres? performances (among others, Transfiguration III: Author?s Altar 1973,  Dialogue with Ignacy Witkiewicz 1980, Romantic Manifestation 1981, Prophecy II 1988, Shame 1989, Dialogue with Tadeusz Kantor 1991, Polish Erotica 1993). Apart from these works we will have a chance to see the documentaries from the collection of the National Museum in Wrocław and the National Museum in Krakow. Visitors to the exhibition will also have a chance to see a faithful reconstruction of the boards from Romantic Mass ? a unique performance held in the Krzysztofory Gallery in 1978 alluding to the artist?s manifestations from the previous 10 years, which was created especially for the needs of the ?Art Bends Life? exhibit.
Jerzy Beres has developed his own original style. His artistic activities have been more closely related to happening and performance than the traditionally comprehended sculpture, however. The artist, who was for many years associated with legendary ?Grupa Krakowska? (?Krakow Group?), has always aroused great interest not only in his works but also in his own original personality.
?Jerzy Beres ? Life Bends Art?
Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej
Bunkier Sztuki
pl. Szczepanski 3a

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