Drunk Train Driver Found in Forest

In bizarre stretch of the concept of drunk driving, the driver of a train was found hiding in the woods near Wrocław after his train derailed there. The man had a blood alcohol level far above the legal limit allowed in Poland while operating motor vehicles.

The train had been travelling from Krakow to Swinoujscie on the Baltic coast, a 12-hour journey. Out of the estimated 200 passengers aboard, only two were injured. When interviewed by local television, some passengers mentioned that the train had been rocking right before it derailed. Railroad officials stated that the train had most likely been travelling much too fast for the section of track it was on.

Polish railways has been quick to act following the incident, implementing daily breathalyser tests for all express train drivers. Meanwhile, the man has been taken into custody and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of causing the accident.

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