Those who like staged photography with a strong surreal touch will love Marcin Filipowicz’s photos

Those who like strong and surreal staged photography won?t be surprised by Marcin Filipowicz?s photography. Even though there is nothing new or revealing about his photos, they are intriguing to look at. This may be because their major strength lies in the commentaries that accompany them.
This is what Filipowicz himself writes about his project: ?I take photos of people who I know, both from my private life and from my travels. I present their personalities through the photos of their shoes. By wearing those shoes, the people whom I photograph reveal, either consciously or unconsciously, a great deal about themselves. They tell who they are, in what kind of environment they live, what their financial situation is, or even the lifestyle that they choose. Their attempts to define the notion of happiness, which I include in the commentaries, constitute another wonderful, and very positive, I should add, source of information about themselves. By confronting these two pieces of information I make a personal attempt at creating a faithful picture of one?s personality??  
These photos should be seen in a rather perverse manner ? by rejecting the visual layer and only concentrate on the commentaries accompanying each one, the observer can take away a very interesting piece of information. Clear, French-Vogue, fashion inspired photography of Guy Bourdin or literalism of early Saudek?s works, prove that the young photographer follows the examples of the most remarkable classics. This is not enough, however, to make these photos more than vague impressions of what has been seen and done somewhere before. What saves Filipowicz?s work from being second-rate are the commentaries, which include each subject?s definition of happiness. 
And this is exactly what redeems these photos: ?I would feel strange if I knew how to describe my happiness and tell you what it means to me. I am at the age when I am not yet sure in which direction I am going to go and what I want to achieve in my life…? ? says 15-year old Karolina, an owner of a pair of bright-colored sneakers. 22-year old Lulu, on the other hand, says: ?Happiness is about living with no limits and fulfilling one?s dreams. It is the awareness that you can do whatever you dream to do??
Reading the photos? commentaries will make the exhibition?s visitors ponder over the essence of true happiness.
As many art critics claim: exhibitions that can make us raise certain questions are worth seeing. However, it might make more sense to present the commentaries alone.
Talking Shoes
ul. Floriańska 18/3, 1st Floor

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