Trabants Invade Krakow

Rynek Podgórski was the site of the 7th annual TrabiEXPO this past weekend. For three days, Trabant enthusiasts and onlookers had the opportunity to see nearly 100 of the iconic cars produced in the former East Germany. The cars were displayed by crews from Poland, but also Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

TrabiEXPO 2009 was organized by Krakow’s branch of the CARTOON TRABANT club in cooperation with the association. Attractions included various competitions, including washing the windshield, and even providing first aid to “injured” drivers, for which members of the Polish Red Cross provided training. One of the most anticipated events was an attempt to break the world record for most people fit into one Trabant (18). Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful.

The TrabiEXPO also attracted newlyweds, who gladly had photo sessions in front of the various Trabants on-hand. Participants were also given a tour around the Podgórze area, including the Liban rock quarry and the Krak Mound.

Awards included rustTRABI for the worst looking Trabant, plasticTRABI for the most plastic Trabant, and originalTRABI for the best-preserved Trabant.

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