Volleyball: Door Opened for Poland to Semifinals

The Polish volleyball team is still unbeaten in their second round group at the European Championships volleyball in Istanbul (Turkey). In the first round group, Poland, with the fantastic Bartosz Kurek, came through with a 100 percent result and awaits defending champion Spain in the second round group match.

The Spanish coach and “champ maker”, Julio Velasco, fears Bartosz Kurek, a 21-year-old highly talented player from Skra Bełchatów. Poland, however, is not too worried about Spain, as they will get another chance to advance to the semifinals against Slovakia. In the tournament format, the teams take along their points scored in the first round, then merge with another first round group and only face the teams they haven’t met before.

Two teams will advance to the semifinals.

First round:
1. Poland 3-6
2. France 3-5
3. Germany 3-4
4. Turkey 3-3

Scores against Turkey erased, second round group standings:

1. Poland 2-4
2. Greece 2-4
3. France 2-3
4. Spain 2-3
5. Slovakia 2-2
6. Germany 2-2

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