The Decisive Moment – Photos by Jacques Henri Lartigue

Jacques Henri Lartigue, regarded today as one of the world’s greatest masters of photography, was practically unknown to his contemporaries. This might be due to the fact that his works were first publicly presented in 1962 in Life magazine, when the photographer was already more than 60 years old.

Lartigue, 89 of whose works are on exhibit in Krakow, became a pioneer in photojournalism at a young age, soon after his father gave him a camera. His lack of experience produced a fresh look of extremely expressive photos. Today his works are considered among the photos that changed the face of contemporary photography.

The Arsenal is exhibiting the seven-dozen works by Lartigue, who lived from 1894 to 1986. Lartigue emphasized a sensual perception of reality, was extremely conscious of the use of light, and was full of passion for everything that surrounded him.

His photos are examples of a master craftsman being able to capture a scene at the decisive moment.
Discovering a Work of Art
Jacques Henri Lartigue
April 19 – June 17
National Museum in Kraków
Arsenal of the Czartoryski Museum
ul. Pijarska 8

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