What to do in Krakow 3-6 August 2017: Cartoons, karaoke, comedy, and more…

Lukasz i Lotta (dir. Renata Gąsiorowska, 2012) is one of the short films being shown outdoors at Krakow Animation Days
Łukasz i Lotta (dir. Renata Gąsiorowska, 2012) is one of the short films being shown outdoors at Krakow Animation Days

Thursday-Sunday: 03-06 August 2017

Krakow Summer Animation Days

WHERE: Plac Szczepański
WHEN: 9:30PM – 12:00AM
COST: Free

Critically-acclaimed short and long animated films from Poland and beyond, shown at a cozy outdoor cinema right on Plac Szczepański in the ninth year of this Krakow tradition.

Friday: 4 August 2017

Outdoor cinema: Thelma & Louise

WHERE: BALowe Kino Plenerowe, Ślusarska 9
WHEN: 9PM – 12AM
COST: Free

The American road film, directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri, was controversial upon its 1991 release but now is an award-winning feminist classic. Relax with a cold drink just near MOCAK and enjoy – but get there early, because the cozy deck chairs go fast!


Karaoke Night

WHERE: Cafe Cinema Paradiso, Plac Niepodległosci 1
COST: Free

Try out your singing abilities, sober or otherwise, with your friends at one of Podgórze’s little independent treasures.

Saturday: 5 August 2017

Helga Nagy Exhibition

WHERE: Klub herbaciany “NielubięPoniedziałków”, ul. Szlak 14
COST: Free admission

Hungarian-born local Helga Nagy shows off her rococo- and classical-influenced paintings, accompanied by a small concert at 7PM at one of Krakow’s most homey and intimate teahouses.

Sunday: 6 August 2017

Language Exchange Sunday Meeting

WHERE: Artefakt Cafe, ul. Dajwór 3
WHEN: 6:30PM

Practice your Polish, English, and more, or just make some new friends in Artefakt’s chill summer garden in this weekly exchange.


Open Mic: August Edition

WHERE: Kładka Cafe, ul. Mostowa 12
WHEN: 7PM – 10PM
COST: Free

Enjoy a variety of local music up close and personal, or show off your own skills and get a free beer as a reward! The charming Kładka Cafe will provide an amp, two microphones, a piano, and a guitar.


Stand-up Comedy Night

WHERE: Szpitalna 1
WHEN: 8PM – 11PM
COST: 5zł/free for performers

Not in the mood for a music open mic? Try one for comedy instead. It’s in English and anyone brave is welcome to try to make the audience laugh from the stage.

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