My Life: Krzysztof Falkowski

This month, City Life found Krzysztof Falkowski on the Market Square, where he performs his “Falko Show” daily. The puppeteer combines theatre, cabaret, and popular music in a unique show that features marionette versions of Elvis, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and several other icons of pop music, singing and dancing just like their flesh and blood counterparts. Catch him daily on the east side of the square.

If you could live anywhere in Krakow where would it be?

I live in Kazimierz, but the best place to live for me is Wola Duchacka, where there is peace and quiet.

If you were crowned king of Krakow, what would be your first move?

If as king I were all-powerful, then I would command that a subway be built in Krakow. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to be able to go from Central Square in Nowa Huta to Matejki Square in the centre in 13 minutes? Oh, it would be great!

What’s one place tourists mustn’t miss when in Krakow?

The view from the mound of Prince Krak.

Is there anything that’s overrated about Krakow?

There are many things that are not advertised enough.

If you had to erect a statue to any Cracovian, dead or alive, who would it be?

The monument would be a table with chairs as a symbol connecting people. A round table in one of the squares would remind foreign tourists that it was in Poland that the changes began which would lead to us living in a free Europe.

Which Polish stereotype do you find the funniest?

That we’re always complaining.

Where do you buy your clothes in Krakow?

In the shopping centres. I quickly enter, buy what I need, and walk out even more quickly – or rather run.

What are some of your regular eating and drinking haunts in the city?

Chimera, the salad bar, and Bar Smak at Karmelicka Street 9.

What’s your biggest annoyance about living in Krakow?

Traffic jams on the streets of Krakow.

Where do you go to escape for the weekend?

I work on the weekends.

What’s the best place to go on a long walk or bike ride in the city?

Zakrzówek Skałki Twardowskiego [A disused quarry in Ruczaj, now an idiosyncratic spot for swimming].

Finally: pierogi or naleśniki?

Pierogi with meat.

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