What to do in Krakow 4-6 July 2017: Street theatre, activism, films, networking, and more…

Last year's ULICA Festival of Street Theatres in Krakow (phot. Krzysztof Kościelniak/official Facebook page)
Last year’s ULICA Festival of Street Theatres in Krakow (phot. Krzysztof Kościelniak/official Facebook page)

July 4, 2017

Networking Breakfast for Active Krakowians

WHERE: Ambasada Krakowian, ul. Stolarska 6/9
WHEN: 8 – 11 AM

It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not share it with inspiring people?

The aim of the event is to bring together young activists, community leaders, and volunteers to establish a network of people who would like to cooperate between each other or simply share ideas for future projects in the city of Krakow.

In English. Free admission.

Summer with movies in Ambasada: 97% Owned

WHERE: Ambasada Krakowian, ul. Stolarska 6/9
WHEN: 6 – 9 PM

Every Tuesday this summer, Ambasada Krakowian will host a special event in which documentary movies will be displayed. These documentaries are not the kind of movies you could watch in cinema or heard about in radio, because are given directly by the directors exclusively to Ambasada!

This Tuesday, on American Independence Day, will be presented 97% Owned, a 2012 documentary which uncovers the ‘American Dream’ by explaining the inner workings of Federal Reserve System and the money creation process. 97% Owned is, then, the documentary we need to watch in order to better understand the mechanism that controls the economy, because as the political philosopher John Gray wrote: “We’re not moving to a world in which crises will never happen or will happen less and less. We are in a world in which they happen several times during a given human lifetime and I think that will continue to be the case.”

The admission is free, but if you would like to support this group of hardworking young people, you can leave a small donation or bring some homemade popcorn!

In English. Free admission.

July 5-9, 2017

ULICA Street Theatre Festival

For four days, the city of Krakow will host theatre troupes from all over the world, with a total of 80 performance, as well as workshops, interactive games for kids, and exhbitions. The stage for these performances will be the city itself: Market Square, Plac Szczepański, Rynek Podgórski, and Plac Jeziorańskiego are the places that you should looking for if you want to assist to one of these shows.

ULICA Street Theatre Festival, organized by by Teatr KTO, had its first edition in 1988, and  is considered one of the oldest events of this type in Central Europe. The main theme of this 30th edition is Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451.

Click here for news and behind-the-scene pictures.

Free admission.

July 6, 2017

Eco-Activism: Community Meetup

WHERE: Ambasada Krakowian, ul. Stolarska 6/9
WHEN: 6 – 9 PM

Meet with the local eco-activists and artists and share your ideas about what should be done in Krakow in order to raise awareness on food waste, fast fashion, consumption, and recyclable materials! Then, you can help with your artwork the community of ‘Collaborate Krakow’ in their first ‘artivism’ action, which will transform the trash bins in ul. Florianska, with the purpose of sharing the message: ‘Think twice before you toss!’.

In English. Free admission.

Movies presented by natives – Chinese: The Grandmaster

WHERE: Gruszka Nova, Ul. Szczepańska 1
WHEN: 8 – 11:45 PM

‘In Martial Arts there is no right or wrong, only the last man standing.’

Action movie inspired by the life of kung-fu master Ip Man – the man who would become Bruce Lee’s martial art trainer.

In English. Free admission.

Hot Summer Shorts – Open-air cinema

WHERE: BALowe Kino Plenerowe, Ul. Ślusarska 9
WHEN: from 9 PM

Five of the best short movies of 2015-16, for a relaxing summer evening in the open-air cinema of BAL.

With Polish and English subtitles. Free admission.

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