Volunteers to clean up Tatra Mountains

From Czyste Tatry 2016
From Czyste Tatry 2016

On the 30th of June begins the sixth edition of the “Czyste Tatry” (“Clean Tatra Mountains”) project. The idea is to clean the trails before the start of high tourist season. Rafał Sonik, the organizer of the initiative, believes that Polish people need to change their attitude toward ecology and maintaining a health environment. He says that such projects have made noticeable improvements to Polish mountains.

Besides the cleaning activities, organizers also provide interesting entertainment for the participants over the two-day event. Sport competitions, movie projections, campfires, and dance workshops are scheduled in Zakopane. The big finale will include a live concert of the Blue Café band, the official patron of “Czyste Tatry” initiative.

To become a volunteer you can apply on the official website of the project.

One thought on “Volunteers to clean up Tatra Mountains

  • June 26, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Great work! Although I suspect that Poles, just like any other Europeans, used to be fairly close to nature, there’s no doubt that certain individuals nowadays need to change their attitude towards ecology.

    I wonder if a certain J. Kaczynski were to tell Mr Szyszko to put away his chainsaw, whether Mr K’s own popularity would suddenly surge? (But what do I know about the workings of the Polish parliamentary system? Mr K is only a back-bench MP, nie prawda?)


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