KRK News: Pro-life, pro-choice demonstrations on Children’s Day / More road renovations in centre

The roads around Planty Park in the centre of Krakow will be undergoing further renovations next month
The roads around Planty Park in the centre of Krakow will be undergoing further renovations next month

Anti-abortion protest on Children’s Day

Dressed in yellow, Pro-Life Foundation members protested in front of the Jagiellonian University Hospital in Krakow.

Opponents of pregnancy termination gathered to proclaim their views near the University Hospital, where the procedure of abortion takes place. The protesters held large banners with graphic images of deceased fetuses and used megaphones to deliver their message. ‘Abortion is the murder of an innocent, tiny human being. Children’s Day is the perfect date to draw people’s attention to the problem’, said one of the protesters.

On the opposite corner appeared a group from the Razem Party. These pro-choice movement supporters, on the contrary, wore black T-shirts that said “Bzdura” (“Rubbish”) in response to what one member said were ‘unethical and inconsiderate’ statements of the pro-life protesters.

The issue of abortion remains extremely controversial in Poland. Last October, a proposed total abortion ban was thrown out by a Sejm committee after widespread protests.

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More road renovation in Krakow centre

City authorities have announced major reconstruction plans. Ul. Basztowa, Długa, and Westerplatte Crossing will be rebuilt to improve the traffic in the centre of Krakow.

First actions towards the renovation are set for the beginning of July. The Municipal Infrastructure Board forecasts the project to finish in the end of the year. The contractor ZUE & Taumer will take on the reconstruction, whose main goal is to improve commuters’ lives.

The whole initiative started with the general reconstruction of the road layout around the Planty area in 2015. President Jacek Majchrowski believes that the project will finally organize traffic on the route from the Krakow Main Railway Station to ul. Piłsudskiego. As a result, public transport will hopefully become faster and less disturbed by car traffic.

The renovation is part of an EU project concerning modernization of tram tracks and the city’s other infrastructure. The estimated value of the investment is around 27 million PLN.

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