Saturday: Multicultural Festival and One Krakow bring locals and foreigners together

Pauza in Garden will host One Krakow: Community Showcase on Saturday (Pauza in Garden/Facebook)
Pauza in Garden will host One Krakow: Community Showcase on Saturday (Pauza in Garden/Facebook)

It’s no secret that Krakow is an increasingly international city. Rich in history and culture (and one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union), Poland is becoming an ideal place for people from all around the world to visit, work, or call their new home.

This fact has recently been recognized by the city of Krakow with its ‘Otwarty Kraków’ (‘Open Krakow’) initiative. Approved in principle last September, Otwarty Krakow aims to bridge many of the linguistic, cultural, and professional divides between locals and foreigners. Starting this week the plan moves forward as the city council begins a series of conferences and debates, culminating in a Multicultural Festival on Saturday full of interesting workshops, panels, screenings, and dancing on the themes of language and internationalism. (See the full festival program in English here.)

Complementing this, several organizations with ties in the English-speaking immigrant community have come together to host ‘One Krakow: Community Showcase,’ an afternoon and evening designed to bring locals and foreigners together to learn, share, laugh, and network at Pauza in Garden. Attendees will discuss ideas for how to reach across cultural barriers as well as how to get involved with the local community through volunteering and networking. Later, presentations will be given by Your Roots in Poland, Eataway, FuckUp Nights Krakow, and TEDxKazimierz. The evening’s entertainment will be standup comedy hosted by Krakow Standup Comedy as well as performances and presentations in Talking Dog International, modeled after the popular Gadający Pies events in Polish at Klub Piękny Pies.

Full details of the event can be found on Facebook, and you can register to attend for free here.

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