Krakow News 13 December 2016: 35th Anniversary of Martial Law / Krakow Mountain Festival / New Archbishop for Krakow

HISTORICAL: 35th Anniversary of Martial Law in Poland

After years of turmoil within the ever-changing Polish borders, on December 13th 1981 – the Solidarity movement was crushed, the iron curtain was further drawn and Poland was placed under martial law.

On a Sunday morning at 6am, General Wojciech Jaruzelski  took to the radio to inform the Polish people of the decree of the State Council to commence martial law throughout the country.

Throughout the night, Communist authorities had already begun to round up activists, arresting those connected with the Solidarity movement or presenting any kind of opposition. A few days after the official introduction of martial law and approx. 5,000 people were being held across 49 detention centers.  In the enormous military-police effort to take total control of mind and matter, a total of 70,000 soldiers, 30,000. policemen, 1,750 tanks, 1,900 combat vehicles and 9,000 cars were employed.

Today, the Polish people look back with complexity on the events that took place all too recently. With similar situations currently taking place around the world, it’s a solemn reminder of the fragility of peace.

[Radio Krakow]

CULTURE: Krakow’s Annual Mountain Festival Ascends New Heights

Cracovians are well known for their love of the mountains so it makes perfect sense that every year they celebrate the looming giants with a dedicated festival. Whether you enjoy climbing an 8000 metre peak only to base jump off the top or prefer to watch a film about someone else doing it – this festival pays tribute the myriad of ways in which humans and mountains can connect.

This year marked the 14th edition of the Krakow Mountain Festival and with tickets sold out early into the second day, it seems to be more popular than ever. The three day festival, held in the University of Economics, was comprised of a various elements including workshops, competitions and exhibitions surrounded by a maze of stalls jam-packed with cheap gear, specialist equipment and new technology. With an impressive list of headliners including Lynn Hill, Lukasz Dudek, Jacek Matuszek, Marc-Andre Leclerc, Tim Emmet and Alex Txikon – the festival has grown to attract the attention of even the superstars  of mountain sport.

An international film competition; held in marathon sessions, showcases the vast and varied expressions of the entwinement of human & mountain – along with some dedicated relationships with rock and ice.  Poignant philosophical musings galore and jaw-dropping views allow the audience to step outside their comfort zone as the presentations given by world renowned alpinists, rock climbers, and wing-suiters inspire them to ‘find their limit’.


RELIGION: There’s a New Archbishop in Town

The newly re-titled ‘Cardinal.’ Stanisław Dziwisz has stepped aside to make way for a fresh face on the pulpit -Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski.  A meeting between the two on Saturday, December 10th was the new Archbishops first visit to Krakow since the announcement of his nomination for the role. The canonical assumption of office by the Archbishop Jędraszewski will be held on Saturday, January 28th.

[Love Krakow]

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