Cheaper Calls Throughout Europe

Poles travelling through Europe this summer, as well as visitors to Poland from other EU nations, will now find it cheaper to keep in touch using their mobiles.

A new regulation affecting all 27 Member States of the EU has been passed, capping roaming rates. The maximum charge for sending a text message has been set at 11 euro cents ( złoty), while the price of making a call is capped at 43 euro cents per minute ( złoty). Receiving a call will cost a maximum of 19 euro cents per minute ( złoty).

In comparison, the previous EU average for texting while roaming was 28 euro cents (złoty), and calls averaged at 46 euro cents per minute ( złoty). In a press conference announcing the changes, EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding stated: “The roaming-rip off is now coming to an end.”

In addition, mobile operators will now have to charge by the second, instead of rounding up to the nearest minute, for all calls over 30 seconds.

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