Taser Victim’s Mother Seeks Justice in Poland

It’s been nearly two years since Robert Dziekański died after being Tasered in the Vancouver airport, but his mother, Zofia Cisowska, is still seeking justice.

After provincial prosecutors failed to charge the four Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers involved in her son’s death in December 2008, Cisowska stated that she has “lost faith” in the Canadian justice system.

Now, Mrs. Cisowska has decided to put the matter into Polish hands. She told the Canadian press that the process “is taking too long, far too long,” as the public inquiry is expected to last into 2010. Mrs. Cisowska has hired a Polish lawyer, Piotr Banasik, who is confident that he has collected enough evidence during a trip to Canada to file charges in the Polish court system.

However, even if Mr. Banasik succeeds in filing charges against the four RCMP officers, they are unlikely to stand trial unless they agreed to travel to Poland. At most, an international warrant would be issued through Interpol, so the men would be arrested if they attempted to leave Canada.

The charges being sought include unintentional manslaughter and abuse of power. Mrs. Cisowska is now travelling to Poland in order to bring the case to public attention.

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