Krakow News 1 November 2016: Biedronka Egg Recall / Anarchists barricade eviction / All Saints Day Transit

HEALTH: Biedronka recall eggs over salmonella concerns

No clever arrangement of bad eggs will make a good omelette.

“They are smaller at the top and they’re bigger at the bottom, they’re round all around and we’re glad we’ve got ’em….”
This is one of many popular egg-related songs that will not be heard playing at Biedronka supermarkets this week, after a recall of potentially salmonella infected eggs has been announced.

Upon obtaining information from the manufacturer of the eggs about this sickly situation, Jeronimo Martins Poland SA ,with egg on their faces, immediately took action to prevent any further sale or consumption of the infected batch.

Salmonella is known to cause diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps that can begin 12 to 72 hours after initial infection and lasts from 4 to 7 days.

The identity of the wanted eggs has been released so that those at home, now eyeing their breakfast omelette with suspicion and handcuffing their souffles to the radiator can determine the danger of their yolk.

To find out if you have a bad egg, please read the full list of identification codes.


PROPERTY: Anarchists barricade eviction

Yesterday, at ul. Rydygiera, a community came together to protect the rights of a Mrs. Magda, her husband, and her young child. A complex property dispute between Mrs. Magda, the housing association, and her former boss has ended in Mrs Magda being threatened with what those defending her call an unlawful eviction.

Mrs. Magda purchased the property in 2010 from her former employer, and, after the money she paid to him apparently failed to make its way to the housing association, a legal battle ensued. This situation has culminated with The Anarchists Collective boarding up the front door of the building on Monday in order to prevent the entrance of those who would come to evict Mrs. Magda and her family from the property.

‘It’s a big relief. I’m still stressed, but the stone fell from my heart. I thank the Krakow anarchists who helped me. Earlier, I wrote to the Minister Elżbieta Rafalska, I was talking with the director of the NSA, I met with the vice president, nobody helped me,’ Mrs Magda stated.

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CELEBRATION: All Saints’ Day celebrations, transport changes

All Saints’ Day is finally upon us, and thousands looking to observe this special day will be descending upon the cemeteries of Krakow all at once.

With most businesses closed for the day, Cracovians take what for some is a rare annual chance in their busy schedules to spend important time in peaceful reflection. For those selling grave adornments and offerings at the entrance of these places of rest, however, All Saints’ Day will certainly not be a day of rest for their businesses. Today and over the past weekend, cemeteries have come to life with flowers, candles, families, and friends. Concerts, memorials and special vigils are being held all over the city, just as grateful hands and elegant moments are also held.

However, with the beauty and joy this day can bring, it also brings with it the usual changes and additions regarding tram & bus lines, as well as street restrictions and special parking. These changes will remain in place until November 2nd.

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