Krakow News 29 October 2016: Cracovia stop name change / New flights from Balice


REGIONAL: Cracovia stop renamed?

Most residents know the local stadium Cracovia, as well as the bus stops the same name. The public transport names however came form the now defunct Hotel Cracovia, which has been closed down for years. ZIKIT published a poll asking residents to vote for what they thing the stops should be called. Nearly 16,000 people voted for the change to “National Museum”, which is a few meters away from the stops. However, the vote has caused large controversy, specifically with football fans whose favorite team shares the same name. It is still uncertain however if a change will occur at all.

[Radio Krakow]

TRAVEL: New flights from Krakow

Both easyJet and Ryanair are bringing new connections to Balice Airport. New connections to Geneva, Manchester, Napoli and Venice will be introduced by easyJet, with flights to Bournemouth and Belfast via Ryanair. Currently Balice is the home for 14 airlines, both traditional and budget, with the number of connections this winter increasing by 9 compared to last winter.

[Radio Krakow]



One thought on “Krakow News 29 October 2016: Cracovia stop name change / New flights from Balice

  • November 8, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    At least the name of the Stadium remains the same. Just don’t understand why the football fans (mostly holigans to be more exact) keep thinking the street name has to do with the club. Even if it was Wisla or any other club in the world. Why they have to keep the name when there is something more important than horrible football clubs


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