Krakow News 26 October 2016: PHD in beer / Body found in Tatras / Deer cull

EDUCATION: Beer – A legitimate university subject

These students are thirsty for education

‘Who wants a beer?’ is not an unusual question to overhear in a university. However, for a select group of  students, this subject will be earning them top marks rather than getting in the way of it.

The Agricultural University of Krakow is paving the way for those who want not just to sip a cool glass on a night out, but to truly understand their beverage.

Implementation of the first international PhD in Brewing and Malting is underway with the co-operation of the University of Copenhagen, University of Nottingham, the Belgian Ghent University, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Technical University of Berlin.

Eight young scientists will be hopping to it in the lab as well as spending time out in the field exploring, experimenting and rediscovering this time-honoured tipple. It can be assumed that for scientific reasons, these disciples of tuition may need to test a few beers, but somewhere along the way each member of this class will have earned themselves an accredited doctorate degree. Cheers.


REGIONAL: Body of male recovered from Tatras

On October 3rd, 28-year-old runner mountain Jerzy Krzeminski of Warsaw disappeared during a workout in the Geiwont area when there was a sudden deterioration in weather conditions. Search operations had been underway for several weeks, although hampered by snow cover, and it now seems likely that his body has been found.

TOPR rescuers have recently recovered a male body from the Tatra mountains. The location of this discovery and the clothing of the deceased suggest that the corpse is likely to be that of Mr Krzeminski.

Those planning trips to the mountains in the near future have been warned of poor conditions and are encouraged to engage in well thought out expeditions. In particular, visitors to the area are urged to inform family or friends of planned routes and return times.


ENVIRONMENT: Deer culling at Babia Gora

Oh, deer
Oh, deer

The deer population of Babia Gora is now under threat; not by disease or wolves, but, ironically by the Ministry of Environment. The 200-strong herd will soon be hoofing it in an attempt to be one of the few lucky enough to be preserved.

The Ministry have stated that these doe-eyed inhabitants have overpopulated the area, and there are now too many deer for the wolves (their natural predators) to keep in check.

Minister Jan Szyszko has agreed to allow the slaughter of the animals and will, in the spring of 2017, give hunters permission to begin extermination within the park. This means one last shared winter for the furry families of Babia Gora before the luck of the draw will decide who is to be shot and who is to survive. More than half of the local deer population is to be destroyed, with an aim of only 60 to be left living in the area.


One thought on “Krakow News 26 October 2016: PHD in beer / Body found in Tatras / Deer cull

  • October 26, 2016 at 10:03 am

    Here’s something for the environment minister, who seems to be making a name for himself by wanting to cut down trees in Bialowieza and now for culling deer:

    Also, put me down for a degree in Beeronics.


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