A Work of Art (Boom)

Beginning today 12 June, the ArtBoom festival will continue through the 22nd and will bring all forms of contemporary art to Krakow, from Poland and abroad. As the city’s largest festival of its kind, its aim is to offer a broad presentation of the most interesting trends in today’s art world. The featured artists include big names such as Rafał Bujnowski and Pipilotti Rist as well as younger names making their first marks on the city.

Fittingly enough, the theme of the first edition of the festival is Krakow itself. Each artist will find their own way to reconcile the problems of the modern city with its long and often difficult past, and also represent the everyday realities of life in Krakow as seen through their eyes.

After the conclusion of the festival next week, some of the presented pieces will go on to become part of the permanent exhibition at Krakow’s National Museum.

For more information, please see the festival’s official website.

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