Policewomen stop customers with the shapely arm of the law

Police officers have a reputation for stopping bad guys in their tracks.
The ATK advertising agency came up with a twist on that theme.
It stationed beautiful women in tight-fitting police uniforms on Market Square to help the AXE cosmetic company promote its perfumes and other products.
When a ?policewoman? asked a passing man to stop ? and the man did ? she promptly sprayed him with a new line of AXE products.
As some entries on the Gumtree Web portal showed, the girls left quite an impression. In fact, one of the men who posted an entry appealed to one of the promotion girls to contact him.
?You were a beautiful blonde dressed in? a police uniform?? the entry said. ?You advertised AXE body spray. Please, contact me?  I wanted to talk to you, but you made me totally speechless.?
ATK used Gumtree, a classified ads Internet portal, to find girls to participate in the policewoman promotion. Its entry said:  
?We are looking for hot hostesses for a promotional campaign which is going to take place between May 21st and May 27th. Full availability is a must. No employment book needed. This is a special event promotion. We expect you to be easy-going, have a great sense of humor, and a positive attitude towards life.?
Plus, the entry said, these hot promotion hostesses could earn 600 zloty. 

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