Krakow News 21 October 2016: Head mistress scandal / Man arrested in Nowa Huta / New MOCAK

REGIONpol_krakow_studencka_gimnazjum_nr_2AL: Head mistress dismissed after online comments

The head mistress of Krakow’s Gimnazjum Adama Mickiewicza has been terminated from her position in light of negative online comments. The charges against the woman relate to comments made concerning one of the school’s handicapped students, which the child’s mother reported to authorities. The headmistress however claims that the statement found online was made by the child’s own mother, and that the comment had no hateful ground to it. She plans to take the case to court. [Radio Krakow]

REGIONAL: 59 year old shoots with air gun in Nowa Huta

A 59 year old man was apprehended in Nowa Huta after shooting with an pellet air gun around the neighborhood “for fun”.  After receiving a complaint from a woman who’s apartment had been shot at, police discovered two intoxicated men. One of these men had the gun with him, which the police suspect was illegally owned as failed to provide permits when questioned. The man may face up to three years in jail for shooting accidentally at the woman’s home. [Radio Krakow]

CULTURE: MOCAK brings new exhibits

Krakow’s favorite museum for contemporary art, MOCAK, has opened five new exhibits. The exhibits focus on various topics ranging from everyday things to natural elements. To view more, visit MOCAK’s site. [Love Krakow]

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