Krakow News 19 October 2016: Hybrid Horses / Fatal Car Accident / Beksiński Exhibition Breaks Record

REGIONAL: Hybrid Carts help Tatra’s famous steeds

A pony went to the doctor and said “I have a sore throat.” The doctor said “It’s okay, you’re just a little horse.”

All Cracovians will be familiar with the much-loved horse carts that have historically been used to transport tired folk and their goods through the Tatra Mountains. Most Cracovians will also have an opinion on the controversial modern use of these horses, pulling enormous loads of tourists back and forth with reportedly little rest, straining their muscles on the icy paths.

For years there have been campaigns by animal rights activists to stop this practice, and it looks like these much discussed equines will finally be getting some long-awaited assistance. Along the well-trodden route to Morskie Oko, testing is being carried out on prototype electrically horse powered carts. This new technology will supposedly provide extra support to the horses by automatically powering the wheels when meeting with steep sections of a path, much like an electrical bicycle.

The director of the Tatra National Park has stated that the first tests were promising and that, after fixing any issues with the prototype, he hopes that these vanguard vehicles will be helping Morskie Oko’s distinguished  steeds for a long time to come. [Onet]

TRANSPORT: Fatal car accident on Krakow’s Ring Road

A fatal accident occurred yesterday on Krakow’s Ring Road, leaving one person dead. This somber event took place somewhere between Tyniec and Skawina when the car plunged into road barriers along the A4 motorway. There were no other vehicles involved, and police believe the reason behind this collision was that the driver had fainted at the wheel. Traffic was backed up along the motorway for about three hours as emergency services dealt with the situation. [naszemiasto]

ART: Beksiński Exhibition Draws Record-Breaking Crowds

Nowa Huta Cultural Centre in Krakow has been inundated by art lovers who have flocked in massive numbers to experience the work of clearly well-loved artist Zdzisław Beksiński. Since the opening of the exhibition on October 7th, over 5 thousand people have attended Gallery Beksiński – breaking all previous records with exponential ticket sales.

The NCK currently holds the largest assemblage of Beksiński’s work in Krakow, including a permanent exhibition of 50 oil paintings along with a number of photographs and drawings. Representatives for the Gallery have marveled at the patience and understanding of Zdzisław Beksiński’s fans as they happily stand in long queues and navigate their way through the masses just to glimpse a piece of the artist’s mastery.

The city of Krakow and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has financed adaptations needed in order to house this permanent exhibition, with a cost of approximately PLN 600 thousand. [radiokrakow]

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