What does “Wypasiony” mean?

Krakow Post introduces a series of brief lessons, which should prove useful when learning this beautiful language, as prepared by a native Polish linguist and teacher.


A: Surely many readers of the Krakow Post have heard the word ‘wypasiony’ being used in everyday informal speech. But what does it really mean and when can one use it? First of all, ‘wypasiony’ is pronounced /vı-pah-shonı/. It’s an adjective, derived from the word ‘paść’ (to graze, to pasture), and means a well fed, well groomed farming animal, e.g. a horse or a cow that is healthy and plump (wypasiony koń, a well fed horse). Nowadays if somebody says that something is ‘wypasiony’ (masculine gender), ‘wypasiona’ (feminine) or ‘wypasione’ (neutral) – mind you use a form that matches the accompanying noun! – one means something that is state of the art and well equipped (wypasiony komputer, wypasione auto), or some attractive, posh or well equipped place (wypasiony klub, wypasiona restauracja). ‘Wypasiony’ is a universal word expressing a sort of awe, but please remember that it can be used only when describing a thing or a place, but never a person!

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