Two days with their heads in the sky for aviation fans

Aviation fans from Krakow and the entire Malopolska region will celebrate their love for airplanes on Saturday and Sunday at the annual Aviation Picnic at the old airport in Czyzyny. At the event, aircraft enthusiasts will have the chance to see historical planes flying overhead.
The fourth annual event is organized by the Polish Aviation Museum and will bring a large crowd to Poland?s oldest aiport. Last year, the event was an unexpected success with over 40,000 people attending.
The museum?s director Krzysztof Radwan fears that this year?s event may attract too many spectators and result in security problems.
The organizers have prepared more attractions than in previous years and maintained closer cooperation with the media. As a result, more newspaper readers, TV viewers and Internet users have learned about the picnic.
Aviatory aerobatics will be a particularly interesting element of the show. This year, the main star will be Hungarian Peter Besenyei, one of today?s most famous pilots.
The now 51-year-old Besenyei is one reason for the commercial success of Red Bull Air Racing ? a competition for which he actually set the rules. He was also among the first pilots to fly beneath bridges.
Besenyei is scheduled to start his show at 14:00 on Sunday, while the notorious Turkish pilot Ali Ozturk will demonstrate the abilities of his purple Pitts S2S plane on Saturday just before 16:00.
On both days, the museum?s grounds will be open from 09:00-19:00. Viewers will have the chance to see many older (created in the mid-30?s Lisunov Li-2) or younger planes. Short trips over the airport will also be available.
Among others, the famous Polish plane RWD-5 will appear in the sky over Czyzyny. Constructed in 1931, it remains the smallest aircraft to have ever flown over the Atlantic.
In addition to aerobatics and oldtimers, viewers will also see plane models, paragliders and parachutes. Reenactments of several World War II battles will be presented by military history enthusiasts.
The museum?s permanent exhibitions will also be on show with over 200 planes, gliders and helicopters.

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