Krakow News 1 September 2016: City bikes move to schools / Tytano / New McDonalds


Old city bikes given new life

KMK Bike plans on expanding its services to Krakow’s schools. The first schools to get their own bikes will be the X Liceum Ogólnokształcące, who will get 20 bikes for their students. With the city changing out city bike systems, they hope by reinstalling the bikes at schools will give them a new life. The change is due to the new city bike stands will work with a new system with which the old bikes will no longer be compatible.

Tytano and the city

Since July a new nightlife spot has been on the city’s map. Tytano on Dolnych Młynów is a new pub-restaurant complex located in a former tobacco factory. However, many local residents have spoken out against the complex due to noise levels at night. Since opening Tytano has been visited 39 times by local police. Their biggest problem hasn’t been due to the noise, but more the building where they host most of their parties.

One of the main buildings at Tytano is currently in the “Register of objects of cultural heritage”, and now a special investigation is underway to determine whether or not such events can take place at Tytano. Tytano founders however defend the complex stating that it helps revitalize that part of the city with future plans for outdoor cinema screenings and art shows.

New McDonalds to open

Plans to open a new McDonalds in the Old Town are underway. In the upcoming months a third restaurant will open on Plac Wszystkich Świętych. The restaurant will be at the former spot for “Pod osłoną nieba” at Grodzka 26.


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