Krakow News 30 August 2016: ZIKiT to launch free transport / Lizard babies born

ZIKiT to launch free student transport041e8bb34494a3c75590e52bfbef1ccf

Starting Thursday Krakow’s students (primary to secondary school) will be able to use public transport for free. City councilors hope that the new program will be a relief for parents and will encourage more families to take public transport. 50 ZIKiT employees will also travel in trams and buses going to various schools in Krakow to help any pupil get to their final destination. Starting September 1st, 50 extra ZIKiT officials will be in trams and buses en route to schools.

Lizard babies born at Zoo

At Krakow’s Zoo a lizard mama welcomed new basilisks into the world. The birth is a major feat for the zoo, as the species of lizard requires a significant amount of care. The new lizards were born in the back part of the zoo away from the eyes of the public. The new lizards will not meet the public for some years until they grow into their skin. The zoo has placed the lizards on a zoological exchange list and hope that they can find a new home.

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