Krakow News 23 August 2016: Woman dies on bridge / New Years in Krakow?


Woman dies on Dębnicki Bridge

Yesterday before midday a 78-year-old woman died on the Dębnicki Bridge. Police currently suspect that the woman fainted due to underlying medical issues, which they hope the autopsy will help clear. Police do not suspect any foul play.

No New Years party?

New Years Event in Krakow? Not on TVN. All signs point to TVN choosing to air their annual New Years Show celebration from Warsaw this year. Not only has TVN announced Warsaw as their city of broadcast, but also set the next four years of celebrations in the capital. Last year Krakow had to pay less than half of the 5 million PLN bill for their New Years party, but this year there is doubt if any celebrations will take place with no major station covering the event, and especially after the cost of World Youth Day.




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