Krakow News 22 August 2016: New school year transport / Olympian returns to Krakow


New school year transport

With the end of August approaching, the start of the school year is soon upon many. To accommodate public transport, changes have been made to some bus and tram lines.

  • Line 127 will only run during weekdays starts 26.09.2016.
  • Line 139 will run more frequently during rush hour traffic (every 6 or so minutes)
  • Line 439 will stop running
  • Line 452 will run every 20 minutes
  • Previously terminated lines 7,12, 23, 118, 132 and 153 will return

An Olympian greeting

Olympian Maria Springwald received a grand welcome home after winning at the Olympics in Rio. The bonze medalist in rowing was greeted by a large group of fans in her home in Kliny. Originally from Poznan, Springwald has lived for 20 years in the Krakow borough. Her welcome party gathered in a local church where amongst fans were also her close family and friends.





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