Trouble in the Shipyards

News of the sale of the Szczecin shipyards, which was announced Saturday, increased already high tensions due to the sale of the Gdynia shipyards earlier. The buyer, United International Trust, is the same investor which bought key pieces of the Gdynia shipyards.

The investor has said that both shipyards will continue to function, though it’s likely that many of the 15,000 workers employed at the shipyards will be laid off, as they had been unprofitable since 2004.

However, the most politically-sensitive topic is the famous Solidarity shipyards in Gdansk. Tonight, Prime Minister Tusk will meet with representatives of four trade unions from the shipyards in a public debate. The debate will touch upon the state of the shipping industry and the recent layoffs, as well as the state of the economy in general.

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