Krakow Local News 13 August 2016: poisoned dogs, Wisła bridge, public transport changes

Picture courtesy of LoveKrakow (Krzysztof Kalinowski)
Picture courtesy of LoveKrakow (Krzysztof Kalinowski)

Mistrzejowice: Warning to dog owners

Claims have been circulating on social media stating that dogs in Mistrzejowice have been fatally poisoned. People are urging dog owners to stay diligent while walking their dogs in this area of Krakow and to not let their dogs roam freely for the time being. This incident bears similarities to a case in 2014 when numerous dogs were poisoned in Prądnik Biały, Czerwony and Krowodrza. Local police have not started to investigate these claims, but they encourage anyone who suspects their dog may be poisoned to report it immediately. [LoveKrakow]

Update: Wisła bridge project

One of two future bridges on the Vistula River now meet from each river bank. The bridges are far from finished, but in a recent press release it was confirmed that the construction was on schedule. The two bridges will be part of the S7 highway surrounding the city. The bridge is to open this time next year. [LoveKrakow]

Public transport changes

Starting Monday local public transport schedules will be subject to change.

  • Lines 111, 141, 161, and 182 will have minor changes in their routes due to passenger complaints. Line 182 will be more frequent and will run every 20 minutes. (Starting August 15th)
  • Lines 69, 183 and 669 will have minor route changes. (Starting August 16th)
  • Line 238 will have three new schedule times from Bronowice Małe as well as Młynki Pętla. (Starting August 16th)




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