Google Street View Takes on Poland

Google’s popular Street View is coming soon to a street near you – if you live in Krakow or Warsaw, that is. The American company has begun a process of photographing whole streets from both cities, in a project that aims to make virtual the process of walking down a busy city street.

Thanks to Street View, in a matter of seconds one can find themselves looking up at the Eiffel Tower from a Parisian street, or crossing the London Bridge and waving to Big Ben. Soon, that technology will allow curious virtual visitors the ability to stand in the middle of Krakow’s Market Square or walk up to Warsaw’s Palace of Culture, all thanks to a diligent process of panoramic photography.

Until now, Street View has only been present in larger American cities, as well as a select European ones – amongst them London, Paris, Barcelona or Rome. Marta Jóźwiak, from Google Polska, told Gazeta Wyborcza that Google has always introduced Street View with capital cities, but, “we’re happy that in the case of Poland, there were plans from the start to expand to Krakow, which is an extremely attractive spot on the world tourism map.”

Ms. Jóźwiak continued: “There are different ideas for using the service, both individual and commercial. Street View allows virtual sightseeing of the world, thanks to which one can see an interesting hotel and its surroundings or find the precise location of a meeting point. Our service benefits tourist organizations, schools, and even real estate agencies, which can prepare a comprehensive offer for their customers on its basis.”

After Poland, Google plans to expand to the Scandinavian countries, as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Greece.

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