World Youth Day 2016 Krakow Survival Guide

World Youth Day 2016: illustration by Magdalena Rzepecka for the Krakow Post
World Youth Day 2016: illustration by Magdalena Rzepecka for the Krakow Post

World Youth Day is an international celebration of Catholic faith focused on young people, taking over Krakow from 25-31 July. It is estimated that Krakow’s population will at least double for a week. Due to the extra visitors, traffic will be heavy and the city’s infrastructure will get congested (roads, public transport, telecommunications, internet). During this period Krakow will increase its emergency and support services. Be prepared with these tips and resources!

Emergency Numbers

  • 112 Police/ Ambulance/ Fire Brigade
  • 999 Ambulance
  • 998 Fire Brigade
  • 997 Police

Medical service providers

  • 22 332 28 66 Lux Med Hot Line
  • 500 900 999 Medicover Hot Line
  • 12 661 22 40 Medical Information Hotline 24/7 in Malopolska

Helpful online resources

Public transport information

  • Extra 250 trams and 580 buses. Frequency/timetable enhanced.
  • Trams: approx. 50% in relation to normal holiday day, and 90% in relation to weekend holiday day
  • Buses: 42% and 235% respectively
  • Additional lines introduced
  • Night bus routes kept unchanged, but with higher frequency
  • Replacement lines in some areas of the city to be added on an ad hoc basis – check the links above for updates
  • Additional bus passes introduced on Jul 26-31 on following streets: Conrada, Opolskiej, Lublańskiej, Bora-Komorowskiego, Andersa, 29 Listopada, Słowackiego, Mickiewicza, Krasińskiego, Konopnickiej, Kamieńskiego, Tischnera, Powstańców Śląskich, Powstańców Wielkopolskich, Nowohuckiej, and Stella-Sawickiego

Traffic restrictions

  • Wed, Jul 27: No trams to Salwator and through Franciszkanska
  • Wed, Jul 27 – Sun, Jul 31: No KMK vehicles available on following streets: Konopnickiej, Księcia Józefa, Focha, Piastowska, Wielicka, Powstańców Wielkopolskich, Powstańców Śląskich, Ofiar Dąbia, aleja Pokoju
  • Traffic through Aleje Trzech Wieszczów should be limited as much as possible


  • If possible, work from home. Commuting by car to work is only recommended for very early in the morning, because some business parks are in restricted access areas, providing difficulties for employees to get into the office.
  • Carry your ID and proof of residence/employment. Some parts of the city may only be accessible to people who need to be there.
  • Bike if you can. Avoid trips to the city center, especially by public transport.
  • Go shopping now. Avoid long queues and possible shop closures during World Youth Day.

Good luck, stay safe, and have fun!

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