Krakow News 9 July 2016: WYD and public transport, NATO day event

courtesy of LoveKrakow (Paulina Fraczek)
courtesy of LoveKrakow (Paulina Fraczek)

WYD & public transport

During World Youth Day a special public transport timetable will be in use. Some lines will not run while some will run more often. More importantly, the timetable at the start of World Youth Day will look differently from the one during the weekend, as well as during the event at Brzegi. The first changes will start on the 23rd of July before the start of the event, with trams to Cichy Kącika not operating till the end of the event.

Starting the 25th of July, public transport will run according to the summer timetable. From Tuesday till Friday (26-29 July) lines will run according to the normal ‘school year’ timetable. Special lines will also be in use during the Pope’s visit in Krakow, running every 3-5 minutes. To find the complete list of special lines and their routes, visit LoveKrakow who have the complete list online. [LoveKrakow]

NATO day in Park Jordana

Earlier today an event took place in Park Jordana celebrating the NATO summit in Warszaw, entitled “NATO Day”. The event put military equipment on display and allowed people to try on uniforms and interact with officers. [LoveKrakow]

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