Krakow News 6 July 2016: Light for underground trams, Poczta Główny sale?


Lights for fast trams

The underground fast tram that operates under the main train station (Dworzec Główny) has existed for five years now. The tunnel has also waited 5 years for new lighting fixtures in its tunnels…until now. As of this week over 250 new LED lights have been installed into the tunnels, which will last a few years. If the lights meet expectations, then more light wills will be installed in other parts of the underground tram system. [LoveKrakow]

Poczta Główna sale?

The phone provider Orange is attempting a sale of the popular Poczta Główna building in Krakow. Orange, who own 70% of the building, are however having trouble from Poczta Polska to initiate a sale. Poczta Polska has issued an official statement on the matter stating that they have no intention of moving due to the logistical inconveniences this would impose with the post office serving as the main hub for much of the Old Town’s mail. Poczta Polska has been at Wielepole since 1899, sharing it with the first Polish phone company, which Orange later took on after the sale of Telekomunikacja Polska. Orange is hopeful of the sale, which they hope will open the building to investors who have plans to create a hotel in the building. [LoveKrakow]

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