Krakow News 5 July 2016: Citizen’s Budget project controversy, Air France lands in Krakow


Controversial Citizen’s Budget project

One of the projects up for vote for the Citizen’s Budget this year is the idea to open up a sailplane school that would offer flights around the city, with hopes that the city would purchase three sailplanes. However, controversial claims have emerged that the AeroKlub Krakowski has been getting double or false votes for the project. City councilors due to this have asked for the project to be removed from the list of projects up for vote, and out of the running for the Citizen’s Budget award.

The Citizen’s Budget is a city led initiative where residents vote for projects submitted by other residents. The projects withe the largest popularity are chosen to be funded by a pool of money put aside, which this year will be 8.5 million PLN. To learn more, click here. [LoveKrakow]

New airline in Krakow

Today the first Air France flight on the new Paris – Krakow route landed in Krakow. This marks the first Air France flight to land in Krakow, which will now land in Krakow three times a week. During World Youth Day Air France will offer additional flight between the French capital and Krakow. [LoveKrakow]

One thought on “Krakow News 5 July 2016: Citizen’s Budget project controversy, Air France lands in Krakow

  • July 7, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    It’s a shame the Air France flights aren’t timed better for trans-Atlantic connections. They just had a crazy cheap business class sale, but when I saw the connection times at CDG, I decided to connect to WAW instead. Oh well, I can look forward to checking out the Pendolino!


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