Krakow News 4 July 2016: Special bands for groups, Tatry accident, last touches before WYD

courtesy of LoveKrakow (Paulina Fraczek)
courtesy of LoveKrakow (Paulina Fraczek)

Special bands for visiting groups

Every summer Krakow experiences an influx of groups of young school children. Municipal police have now worked out a special band system in the case that any child should separate from their group. The bands will have information concerning the child’s address, and phone number. The bands are given out on Wszystkich Świętych Square next to the municipal police point. A limited supply of bands can also be found at InfoKrakow points throughout the Old Town. [Radio Krakow]

Tatry: group taken to hospital

Earlier today a group of men that were hiking in the Tatra Mountains slipped on a patch of snow and fell 100 meters. First responders were on the scene and transported the men to a local Zakopane hospital. The men did not sustain any serious injuries. [Radio Krakow]

ZIKiT finishing up before WYD

ZIKiT has finalized work on the underground passage near Jubilat, along with the sidewalk on the Dębnicki Bridge and the stairs new Konopnicka Street. This marks part of the end of renovation works throughout the city in preparation for World Youth Day. [LoveKrakow]

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