Krakow News 3 July 2016: Main Square flooded, renovation project to start early

picture courtesy of ‘Rynek Główny – Salon Europy

Main Square flooded

This morning due to heavy rainfall a flash flood overtook the Main Square. Krakow’s Department of Sanitation were on the scene removed the excess amounts of water. This morning a market took place on the Main Square selling various items, bathing suits included. [LoveKrakow]

Renovation project to start early

Thanks to city officials who were able to dedicate funds from the city’s central budget, a renovation project on Przewóz Street is set to take place 16 months earlier than planned. It is expected that all work on the street will take 7 days to complete, with the final touches to the street to take place on Thursday. Residents on the street have urged the city for years to modernize the road, which has aged due to large water damage. [LoveKrakow]



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