Krakow News 2 July 2016: Krakowiak towed, Janina Paradowska buried


Krakowiak towed by other Krakowiak

For a few minutes today before 11:00 am, Krakow’s public transport provider had to tow the newest addition to the “Krakowia” tram family. The tram had a “minor flaw” that stopped it from carrying out its job, said Marek Gancarczyk, press secretary for MPK. Details on the exact nature of the minor flaw were not revealed. The broken Krakowiak tram was towed away by another Krakowiak tram. [LoveKrakow]

Janina Paradowska buried

On June 29th, Janina Paradowska died at the age of 74. She was a known Polish journalist known for her commentaries in Polityka magazine, Tok FM and other sources.

Today she was buried at the Rakowicka Cementary in Krakow. Attendees of her funeral included Donald Tusk, who gave a short speech on how he was to meet with Paradowska next week and how it was a loss of one of Poland’s greatest commentators. [LoveKrakow]


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