Krakow News 1 July 2016: Sock merchants rob man, Roads blocked trams stopped


Man robbed by sock sellers

On Wednesday near Plac Bohaterów Getta an altercation and a robbery took place. Two men approached an older man offering to sell him socks, however when the older man rejected them the proceeded to use force and took 1400 PLN that the man had and ran away. Later on during the day the two men were arrested in Płaszow with only 220 PLN on their persons. [LoveKrakow]

Trams break down

Earlier today trans on Mogilska Street traveling to Nowa Huta broke down. Trams 4, 5, 9, 52, 70 were redirected via al. Pokoju. Trams were unavailable between Rondo Mogilskie to Czyżynskiego, which were temporarily replaced with buses. [LoveKrakow]

Accident on Aleje

Around 17:00 today an accident took place at the intersection between Aleje and Lenartowicza Street. A motorcyclist was injured, leading to the temporary closing of Lenartowicza Street, with limited mobility on Alei Słowackiego. [LoveKrakow]


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