Krakow News 30 June 2016: One integrated ticket, no trams to Salwator

krakow ticket machine

One integrated ticket?

Lesser Poland officials are still in the process of negotiations over integrated public transport and train tickets. Passengers in Warszaw are able to use one joint ticket interchangeably between trains and public transport, which was the vision for Krakow as well. However, since the roll out of the Lesser Poland Metro Area card (which lets people put different type of tickets onto one host card), officials have been pushing for more integrated tickets. [LoveKrakow]

No trams to Salwator

Before World Youth Day, worn out tramlines on Zwierzyniecka Street and Kościuszki Street will be redone. Due to this, from July 2nd to the 10th no trams will go between Salwator and the city. Trams 1, 2, and 6 will be directed via Cichy Kacik. [LoveKrakow]




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